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Your support has made a real difference! In less than a decade, the National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) has invested your contributions and those of others like you to effect amazing changes in the way spirituality is handled in medical research and education.

Listed below are several ways in which you can personally help ICIHS/NIHR continue to move forward with new programs, approaches and initiatives in order to make sure that we continue to have an impact in the area of health and spirituality.

Best of all, your gift will be matched by a generous funder of ICIHS at 50 cents on every dollar. That means that your gift of $100 will provide $150 for ICIHS' programs and projects. A gift of $1,000 will actually mean that ICIHS receives $1,500. So please give generously, and know that your generosity will be multiplied for ICIHS' benefit.
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